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Hi, I'm Gideon!
I live my values of integrity, compassion and action and have the strength to stand up to vested interests.

I’m proud to call Kingborough my home. I've been your local Greens Councillor on the Kingborough Council since August 2019.

I’m passionate about people and community. After graduating from NIDA, I worked all over the country and overseas. I was on the ABC Advisory Council, and I’m a board director of several not-for-profits, including Gymnastics Tasmania, the Huon Valley Jobs Hub Single Authority, and the Green Institute. I a proud CPSU workplace delegate.

I’ve worked for the Heart Foundation and Anglicare and also in small business. In 2017, I was named in the first batch of the Tasmanian Community Fund’s Emerging Community Leaders. 

I'm a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, and I'm passionate about protecting the environment, building climate resilience, and fighting to improve the material standard of living for everyday Tasmanians. 

For too long big business has put profit before people. My mission is to put democracy back in the hands of the community and out of the grasp of greedy corporations. 

I believe in banning corporate political donations that corrupt the decisions of the major parties.
Since joining Kingborough Council, I've worked collaboratively to achieve funding for a street tree strategy, a council that has committed to being net-zero emissions by 2035 and committed to opposing all applications for more pokies in the municipality.

I'm fighting for climate action, a street tree strategy, housing and a youth job guarantee. 
We should be a net-zero emissions council and I'm calling for an ambulance station for the Channel, an Aquatic Centre for the Kingborough Sports Precinct, a Street Tree Strategy, and free, frequent, safe and reliable public transport for our growing municipality. We need a Margate Masterplan and an integrated plan for the Channel to ensure our environment is protected, our infrastructure is improved and that we are prepared for natural disaster like bushfire and flood. 

In my four and a half years on Council, I've secured important improvements to our Long Term Financial Plan, helped keep land on Bruny in public ownership, achieved a net-zero emissions target by 2035, and made Council commit to opposing all new pokies in Kingborough's pubs and clubs.  

07 november 2022:
Question without notice about erosion control at Blackmans Bay Beach. 
Question without notice about Tourism Marketing Strategy.
Question without notice about Local Historic Heritage Code
Question without notice about Climate action & the COP 27 Climate Conference 

03 october 2022:
Question without notice about Free Bus Transport and a Ferry service for Kingborough.
Question without notice about Van Morey Road, Margate road safety issues.
Question without notice about Landscape Conservation Zoning
Question without notice about UTAS campus move from Hobart to CBD

compressed success support for free public bus transport-min_edited.jpg

19 September 2022:
Questions without notice about Climate Action investment and the audit panel scoping paper
Question without notice about offshore salmon farms paying seabed rates
MOTIONS: Spring Farm Play Space community consultation results
New road name: Nano Drive in Blackmans Bay

05 September 2022:
Questions on Notice about Margate Masterplan, UTAS moved from Sandy Bay campus to Hobart city, 
Smoke-free area declaration for Kinston Park (public open space stage 1 & 2)
MOVED motion for transfer of title from Crown to Council for Snug Oval and Memorial Hall & Acquisition of a Foreshore Lease or Licence
MOVED motion for a report into the impact of whole-home short-stay accommodation on the rental affordability crisis

15 august 2022:
Questions on Notice about noise pollution, Blackmans Bay fencing & Kingborough Dogwalkers Association.
MOVED motion to ban Council using facial recognition technology & biometric data capture in public places.
MOVED motion for a report into curbing whole-home short-stay accommodation in residential areas

01 august 2022:
Questions on Notice about climate action, housing crisis & Kingston Park.
MOVED the motion to refuse rates discounts to big developers
Financial hardship policy & financial report

18 july 2022:
No spray register & weed management, Van Morey Rd Margate, intention to make tree by-law (protecting trees on private property), 
cash-in-lieu of parking policy 3.19 and a 4th flag pole for the Civic Centre.

04 july 2022:
Facial recognition and biometric data capture, NAIDOC Week 2022, Recycling kiosks,
housing crisis & short-stay, street trading policy, & Alonnah Foreshore Park renamed 'Dwyer Park'

14 june 2022: Budget
At tonight's meeting, the budget was passed, including $50,000 for the first phase of a Street Tree Strategy!

compressed Tree Strategy budget 14 jun 22-min_edited.jpg

Videos from may 2022

Scroll down to check out my videos!

no new pokies in kingborough!
motion passed! 01/11/21

We won! Kingborough's tree by-laws to be reinstated - thank you everyone who made a submission!

my election platform in 2 minutes!
Gideon on abc mornings with leon compton


Gideon local govt squares pt1 fixed.jpg
Gideon local govt squares pt2 fixed.jpg

Below are video and audio clips from my work on the Council. Some video clips have a coloured border. The colours indicate the following:

Green border: Gideon moved the motion

Yellow border: Gideon seconded the motion

Red border: Gideon highlighted this video

Full audio, minutes and agenda of Kingborough Council public meetings are available for download from:

21 Feb 2022:
Cycling Strategy, Cat Management, Sustainability and Ethics in our Council's Purchasing Policy

21 Feb 2022:
Cycling Strategy, Cat Management, Sustainability and Ethics in our Council's Purchasing Policy

05 July 2021:
huntingfield roundabout &
Lease Transparency

07 June 2021:
MOtion for $500k unspent covid funds

15 february 2021:

Long Term financial plan

01 february 2021

18 january 2021

14 December 2020

23 November 2020

09 November 2020

26 October 2020

12 October 2020

28 September 2020

14 september 2020

audio only - 14 september 2020


(commences at ± 42 minutes of Part A of complete audio recording)

00:00 / 18:11


Gideon voted AGAINST this item: 

You can see the full votes on page 13 of the meeting minutes here:

Click here to read the minutes.

24 august 2020 - calsca transport plan

(snug link)

10 august 2020

27 july 2020 - The Arts

13 july 2020 - pokies & Hobart City deal

22 June 2020 - covid-19 response: gideon moves Community grants

15 June 2020 - budget meeting

09 June 2020 - the playspace strategy

25 May 2020 - the "efficiency dividend" aka $380k budget cut

11 May 2020

23 march 2020

27 april 2020

10 march 2020

11 february 2020

28 January 2020

The meeting on 13 January has too many audio clips to put on this page, so please click the button below. 

Issues discussed in this meeting include:

  • Re-vote on Kingston Park Special Area Plan

  • Gideon's Green Waste Voucher System motion

  • Gideon's Cities Power Partnership motion

  • Climate action resourcing debate

  • Paid parking in Kingston

13 January 2020

09 December 2019

11 november 2019

28 october 2019

14 october 2019

23 september 2019

09 september & 26 august 2019

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