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Beach Clean Up & launch at Snug

Today we met at Snug Memorial Hall for the official launch of our Kingborough Council campaign. Instead of a talk-fest, we said hello to our supporters and then set to work cleaning up Snug Beach. In a short time we collected dozens of bottles, cans and chip packets. Just think of all the microplastics and junk that has already washed out to sea!

I am a home-grown NIDA graduate who has been Vice-President of Tasmanian Youth Broadcasters Inc., worked for the Heart Foundation and Anglicare Tasmania's Social Action and Research Centre. I've been on the ABC Advisory Council and currently sit on the Board of Gymnastics Tasmania, chairing their Facilities Committee and I'm standing up for a fairer society.

I’m running on a zero-waste platform. Zero waste of people and zero waste of resources. I want to collaborate with fellow councillors to bring more local jobs to Kingborough and to prepare us for a bright future in the face of uncertain times.

I am putting my values at the centre of this campaign. Integrity. Compassion. Action.

Kingborough councillor Richard Atkinson kicked off his campaign to become the next Kingborough mayor, along with my fellow Greens candidate Amanda Midgley. Cr Atkinson was joined by former Greens Leader Bob Brown in calling for a more transparent and forward-looking Council.

The local council elections this October are a chance for the peeople of Kingborough to elect positive and proactive Councillors who have a long-term vision for our community.

I think Cr Richard Atkinson will make a great mayor because Kingborough is developing fast and needs a strong leader who takes transparency seriously.

First-time candidate Amanda Midgley has deep ties to the Howden community and experience working for Hobart City Council, which makes her an ideal candidate.

We all want to ensure that we develop resilient communities and help the council stay focused on caring for those in need.

Former Greens leader, Bob Brown, who spoke at today’s beach clean-up said he supported all three of us candidates because of our proven track record of good governance.

Dr Bob Brown has long been a personal hero of mine and an inspiration to many so it was incredibly humbling to be sharing a stage with him. I am looking forward to speaking with as many Kingborough residents as I possibly can to find out what issues matter to you.


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